10 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In from p2pb2b Exchange

Cryptocurrency market is currently loaded with more than 2000 coins. No matter if you are a newcomer or a professional trader, it still quite difficult to indicate the right one of them to invest in. This when crypto exchanges come to help. Reliable and secure trading platform tend to list only interesting and, at the same time, valuable coins that can really bring benefit to their owner. p2pb2b exchange has recently significantly increased the number of coins presented on the platform. In this article, we will cover 10 most worthwhile of them.

TOP-10 Cryptocurrencies


Digital currency that provides online and offline instant and private payments. Ethereum-based coin ensures safe and reliable transactions, protects personal information and digital assets.


The main cryptocurrency of a multi-blockchain financial system Aaron that provides access to an exchange, deposit/withdraw system, wallet, and payment system. The network can process up to 30,000 TPS and provide transactions with zero or very low fee.

Cyprus Coin

Cryptocurrency created by businessmen and offshore finance advisers for safe and private management of investment funds. The coin provides secure and untraceable transactions to over 20 offshore countries.


The coin of an automated business-management system Project Districts operating on P2P network that provides eco-friendly mining system and instant transactions. Users can develop content, applications, and use it for personal, public, or commercial purposes.

Bitex Coin

Crypto-banking service that includes exchange and payment system. The finances on the platform are under localized governance but platform services are available worldwide. ERC-20 compatible digital wallet and a virtual debit card for payments allow coin holder to store and use their assets safely.          


Smart-contract blockchain platform where users share and monetize the information they have on the marketplace and turn it into real value. It’s an opportunity for data owners to get paid for any information that they generate including researches and studies.


Decentralized blockchain-based system for solving real-life problems. The platform rewards users for spreading the awareness of these problems and for the help provided to others. Users can upload pictures, videos, ask questions and get the help they need from people nearby.


Cryptocurrency forum that creates a knowledge base which can be applied by any user by generating news and insights from the crypto market in one place. Siambitcoin gives its owners a possibility to make online purchases and transactions.

Bitcoin Rhodium

A long-term investment opportunity in digital assets. The coin is based on POW X13 protocol and provides safe and anonymous transactions. The BTR system has introduced a partnership program called Strong Hands which allows users to get up to 30% of reward in BTR every year.


A hybrid blockchain architecture that eliminates imperfections of traditional blockchains. It’s a secure, highly-efficient and reliable ecosystem based on XDC01 protocol. TradeFinex is one of the platforms of the system that will provide P2P financing between governments, companies, buyers, and suppliers.

About p2pb2b


p2pb2b exchange was launched in 2014 and made a reboot of the platform this year. The platform currently takes place in the TOP-50 list of exchanges on CoinMarketCap with the daily trading volume of over $75 million. p2pb2b meets the requirements of both individual traders and businesses, provides relatively low transaction fees and 24/7 client support. More information about the exchange is available on the official website.

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