2 Rounds Of Token Sale Went Ahead Of Time. Why Is Syntera So Popular?

When any start-up completes the first round of sales ahead of time, it is the evidence of audience’s high interest in the project. It may also mean that the project is promising and has a great potential for the pouring of money. This is exactly what participants of Syntera Token Sale think. Syntera has already had a round of Private Token Sale when 10 million tokens were sold out within one hour. It might be hard to believe that anything like that can happen again. But Syntera duplicated the success two times in a row. 1st round of Token Sale ended in 5 minutes and 2nd round – in 17 minutes with the total amount of 1 million tokens sold out.

 The incredible success of Syntera can be only explained by the unique solutions that it brings to the market. Here are 4 facts about Syntera platform, that will make you want to join the project:

  1. The union of the sharing and blockchain economy

Syntera is a blockchain-based platform that implements the idea of the sharing economy model. It creates an ecosystem, where people can share resources, perform transactions. At the same time, all the deals within the platform will be powered by smart-contracts, which make them secure and protected from any type of fraud.

  1. The Community

 The main goal of Syntera is to create a democratic community, where people can cooperate for the benefit of each other. Every participant now will have a possibility to rent unused assets and collaborate on purchasing or offering goods and services in order to fulfil their needs and realize plans .

  1. Own cryptocurrency

Syntera platform is fueled by its own internal cryptocurrency – Syntera Sharing Coin. SSC is used in all solutions of the platform. It can be applied as means of payment in the Marketplace or financial instrument in Hedge Mining Annual Program, as well as be changed for other cryptocurrencies directly in the built-in P2P Exchange.

  1. Philanthropy

10 million of Syntera tokens will be allocated for philanthropic purposes, mainly focusing on such problems as poverty, children education, eye surgeries for 3rd countries and climate changes. Any further initiatives can be proposed by the community.

Syntera is a project that can improve the existing sharing economy model by implementing the blockchain technology. The unique idea and solutions can bring the project to a great success and therefore to make SSC one of the Top 50 cryptocurrencies in the world.

The next round of the Token Sale is about to start. Subscribe to Syntera accounts on Facebook, Medium, Instagram, Twitter and chat on Telegram, follow the news on the official site! Don’t miss the start of the new rounds of Token Sale.

Join Syntera and stay tuned!

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