247Solar will sell solar energy to the mining industry

247Solar began work on the sale of concentrated solar energy (CSP) technology for the global mining industry through ROST ITL. 247solar is a brand new way to generate electricity. 247 solar power plants produce electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The modular, scalable, 247Solar CSPs offer absolutely reliable, 24/7 clean energy regardless of whether the sun is shining. The units are ideal for mining operations in remote locations with an unstable power system.

They work without expensive batteries, conserving solar energy instead of electric. As a result, 247Solar offers the cheapest and most reliable solar energy 24 hours a day.

CSP installations can be installed near mining centers, even on uneven surfaces. Due to their proximity, they can also be used to compensate for voltage drops during peak loads.

Note that high electricity prices are forcing miners to switch to solar energy. The use of solar panels has significantly reduced the cost of mining. The vast majority of mining farms are located in regions of the world with affordable energy. About 80% of these farms use renewable energy.

Chinese energy company Risen Energy and Spanish startup CryptoSolarTech have agreed to launch two solar-powered cryptocurrency farms.


Also, the Australian data center operator DC Two and its subsidiary cryptocurrency company have begun construction of the first off-grid data center operating on renewable energy sources.

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