2nd Stage of Game Stars Token Sale: 20% Bonus on GST Purchase

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The 1st stage of Game Stars Token Sale is far behind now. But it’s not the reason to get disappointed. The 2nd stage has just started and will last until June 13th, 2018. This time Token Sale participants got a chance to buy GST tokens with a 20% bonus. It’s better not to wait with buying tokens. The value of the token will increase. The project has already been approved by Google and Cisco expert.

Game Stars team has recently introduced two new advisers. Daniel Laufenberg is a senior development engineer in Exadel and currently responsible for all stages of the development life cycle of products. Over the past 4 years, he has been leading teams and architecting client solutions in Google and Cisco.

What solutions does Game Stars platform provide?

Game Stars platform offers solutions for eSports market and tends to make the industry friendlier and more convenient for its players. There are several major problems that market participants face: lack of market infrastructure; lack of funding for beginner cyber players; non-payment of prize money; unfair tournaments. Check out the White Paper of the project to find out more information about the token and how it is used in the platform.

With the help of Game Stars platform:

  • players can raise money for their professional development
  • team managers develop their players, look for new ones and establish partnerships with sponsors
  • sponsors support the most promising teams and players and get profit from their income
  • terms and conditions of tournaments are powered by smart contracts
  • prize money is paid completely and in time

Why will Game Stars Token increase in value?

Demand for GST tokens is already constantly growing. The pre-sale stage had a complete sold-out and the 1st stage of the Token Sale is already closed. GST will show an increase in value due to 4 reasons:

  1. The token is a means of payment in Game Stars platform that will attract market players.
  2. Token emission is limited to 500 million. Unsold tokens will be burned and there won’t be enough tokens for everyone willing to buy them.
  3. As soon as the project reaches Hard Cap point the shortage of tokens can be caused by only 50.000 basic or 14.285 profi-users signing up for the platform.
  4. After the end of the Token Sale, GST will be available at partner exchanges at a higher price.

The 2nd stage of the Token Sale is held on the official website. Participate in the sale and get 20% bonus tokens until June 13th, 2018.

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