3 tons of video cards for cryptocurrency mining were transported from China to the USA

Three tons of video cards were transported by plane from China to the United States by the transport company Fenghua International, the head of the Chinese bureau of CNBC, Eunice Yoon, said on June 21.

The company has confirmed that it has shipped 3 tons of graphics cards from China to Maryland. The cost of transportation was $ 9.37 per kilogram, that is, transportation of the entire batch was $ 28,000.

The states of Maryland and Texas are attracting cryptocurrency miners to locate farms there with cheap electricity and a low population density.

Recall that China has almost completely banned the mining of cryptocurrencies in the country. The last province to ban farms was Sichuan, which, along with the provinces of Inner Mongolia and Guangzhou, was the most attractive in China due to cheap electricity.

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