30% of Brazilians want to invest in cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies continue to capture the world of finance, becoming more popular. Not only are they a mechanism used by technically savvy people, but now they are increasingly being used as financial tools for ordinary people. This is extremely important for the consolidation of the cryptocurrencies as a revolutionary alternative to the traditional financial system, given that their benefits are becoming more evident to the general public.

A study conducted by Avast showed that about 30% of Brazilians are interested in or plan to invest in cryptocurrency in the near future. The survey was conducted in a total of 1900 people and although it was conducted in accordance with certain statistical standards, 84.36% admitted that they were familiar with cryptocurrencies.

flagThis is another extremely important fact, as it allows us to conclude that in a heterogeneous country such as Brazil, which is one of the leading emerging economies in the world, the fact that almost 90% of its population has some knowledge on cryptocurrencies, can facilitate their mass adoption in the near future. Source: innov.ru

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