40 world central banks are ready to issue cryptocurrency

World central banks are considering launching their own cryptocurrencies, according to a study made by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

At the moment, 40 state financial regulators in a test mode are introducing a distributed registry technology into operation, as well as testing digital assets developed by bank specialists, the report says. Financial giants see a number of advantages in cryptocurrencies: the improvement of the payment system, by reducing the transaction speed and their cheapening, as well as more reliable protection of operations. In addition, as part of a change in the procedure for the passage of identity recognition, it is possible to prevent gray business schemes and, in particular, tax evasion, corruption or the financing of fraudulent schemes.

digital coins

At the same time, the report shows that on the way for adopting digital assets there can be problems of scalability, managing private keys, reducing the speed of transfer operations, as well as the potential unwillingness of some segments of society to accept such tools in principle.

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