A construction company from Japan discovered an important factor of the blockchain

One of the largest real estate developers in Japan, Sekisui House, announced that it intends to use distributed registry technology, as it made a very important observation. As you know, blockchain is used to organize transactions with Bitcoin. But, as noted in Sekisui House, it turns out that the lease agreements for apartments in built housing, concluded on the blockchain, make it possible to fully activate the possibilities of other innovations.

The submitted documentation says that the blockchain allows you to fully automate the process of concluding lease transactions, as well as ensure the timely receipt of information on payments for electricity and housing and communal services. The use of the blockchain opens up the possibility of the full use of biometrics as a technology for identifying a person, as a result of which the conclusion of leases on real estate can be carried out without the need for private intermediaries. Even the entrance to the building and your own housing will also be organized using a unique digital key, information about which will be on the smartphone of the tenant.

The entire “biography” of real estate objects will be reliably uploaded to the blockchain, and there it will be updated with the ability to see all the stages of changing this information: who, when and what was added to the distributed data registry.

Blockchain is becoming a popular technology in the world for real estate transactions. Thus, the authorities of Malta are actively working with such an innovation.

In Japan, the development of the use of blockchain goes hand in hand with the spread of cryptocurrencies, so the next logical step for Sekisui House in introducing this innovation can be the use of tokens. Tokyo encourages new technologies, and for testing it uses a regulatory platform to break in new technical solutions.


So, along with a message from Sekisui House, information came that the Japanese authorities approved the operation of the “second layer” to the Bitcoin blockchain in the form of the Settlenet platform, which accelerates the process of transactions with cryptocurrency No. 1. The platform was tested under the supervision of the government of the country of the Rising Sun for a year.

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