A Good Investment: Collecting Gold Panda Coins

Gold coins have long been a favorite of coin collectors who are also savvy investors. Not only do these folks love to look at their beautiful gold coins, but their coins also retain a high market value because of the precious metal they are made of. Among these precious collectors’ items are Gold Panda Coins from China.

Did you know that the value of gold coins is usually greater than the same weight in gold bullion? This is another solid reason why gold coins are such keen investments.

Many countries over the years have produced their own gold coins. These coins are often times produced specifically with collectors in mind, but they are sometimes minted for commemorative reasons as well, such as a national anniversary.

These gold coins usually display some unique aspect of the country their origin. For instance, Australia enshrines its national animal on the Gold Kangaroo. Canada produces a beautiful gold coin called the Maple Leaf. South Africa issues the Gold Krugerrand featuring the Springbok, one of the national animals of that country. And the American Gold Eagle is a stand out among gold coins with its beautiful design.

China’s gold coin, among all those of the world, is a real standout, the Gold Panda.

One of the unique things about Gold Panda coins is that they are issued in a different design each year. The first Gold Panda was minted in 1982 Each of the Gold Panda coins is made of .999 gold — nearly 100% pure!

Back in the year 2000 China decided to change its policy and to freeze the design. When the announcement was made, many collectors were unhappy. The Gold Panda minted in 2001 was identical to the 2000 edition. Because so many collectors spoke up, however, China reversed its policy in time for the 2003 release.

Over the years the designs have truly been beautiful and show great pride in the national animal of China: the Giant Panda, an animal both native and unique to the country. One design shows a mother offering a tree branch to her offspring. In another a fun-loving panda is swinging from the branch of a tree. In still another a mother panda is examining her young.

On the reverse side of each coin is a picture of the Temple of Heaven with Chinese lettering embossed along the top that says “The People’s Republic of China. The year is listed on the bottom of each coin. If a commemorative Gold Panda is issued, the theme is marked next to the date.

There are thousands of gold collectors throughout the world and gold has proven to be a sound investment over the years. But there is an esthetic quality to collecting gold coins which is much more noble than simply collecting gold bullion. The wonderful gold coins that come from the great nations of the world are both beautiful to see and historical in nature.

Perhaps no gold coin is any more beautiful or valuable than the Gold Panda Coins of China!

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