Amazon is forming a strategy for the development of the cryptocurrency market

The search for an expert in developing a strategy for working in the cryptocurrency market was started by the management of Amazon. The corresponding vacancy was posted on the company’s website on July 23.

According to the vacancy, Amazon wants to hire “an experienced leader in Amazon’s product development and strategy for digital currency and blockchain, and a product roadmap.”

Earlier, an internal source at the company told CNBC that the company is “inspired by the innovations taking place in the cryptocurrency space.”

“We are looking into what it might look like on Amazon. We believe that the future will be built on new technologies that will allow payments to be made quickly, cheaply and in a modern way, and we hope to bring this future to Amazon customers as soon as possible” – the source said.

Amazon currently has a cloud computing division called Amazon Web Services that offers a service called managed blockchain. But in fact, Amazon does not accept any cryptocurrencies as payment for its products.

Andy Jassi (AWS CEO), who replaced Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO, said in 2017 that the company was not focused on blockchain technology, although he admitted that Amazon was “following it closely.”

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