AMD will promote blockchain games

AMD has significantly increased its profit and share price in 2017 thanks to a cryptocurrency mining boom. Unfortunately, the “gold rush” has temporarily faded away, however, the company’s management still relies on the blockchain.

On the eve of AMD, it became the first equipment manufacturer to join the Blockchain Game Alliance. This is an association of developers and publishers of gaming products on the blockchain.

Blockchain games will become mainstream – According to a press release from AMD, the company will develop “high-performance computer technologies that will revolutionize the creation and distribution of games.”

AMD has partnered with a gaming platform based on the Robot Cache blockchain, and also with the Ultra project team. The team of the latter should launch a decentralized service for the distribution of games over the next few months. Both startups will use AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards “for optimal cryptographic performance.”

The event was commented on by the head of the AMD blockchain department, Jorg Roskovets.

Blockchain-based gaming platforms will give gamers access to exclusive content that you can truly own. In addition, the blockchain will be an excellent tool for game publishers. Ultra co-founder Nicholas Guillot said AMD’s partnership is something very grandiose, not a simple contract on paper. Ultra games will be distributed along with AMD graphics cards.

To play the game, the buyer of the video card will first need to install the Ultra platform itself. At the same time, owners of AMD products purchased earlier will also be able to download Ultra software. The project team hopes that this will give a serious impetus to the adoption of the blockchain ecosystem around the world.

Ultra and AMD are also working together on events and eSports competitions under a common brand. Startup and technology giant experts will collaborate on the development of the blockchain and increase its effectiveness.

As you can see, AMD’s work with decentralized technologies is much more connected with the cryptocurrency industry than the previous few years of the company. Now, instead of the usual sale of equipment for the digital assets mining, the company will actively promote the adoption of blockchain and tokens around the world.


Let’s hope that in the next couple of years, the industry of games and decentralized technologies will seriously change for the better.

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