Anonymous hackers have released a new cryptocurrency to fight with Elon Musk

Anonymous hacker group announced the creation of a new cryptocurrency called Anon Iny, dedicated to the famous meme associated with Shiba Inu dogs.

This action is part of two wars at once, in which hackers are involved. The first is related to the prohibition of cryptocurrency mining in China, and the second is related to the “meme” battle against the American billionaire Elon Musk. Hackers are confident that cryptocurrencies are the future, so the restrictions imposed by China will not destroy the established market.

Anonymous representatives note that the bitcoin rate will stabilize at the end of July. They added that their cryptocurrency is of the DeFi type, that is, it has decentralized finance. Anon Iny holders will be able to count on various rewards, for example, NFT tokens. The hacker group intends to transfer part of the profits to shelters where they take care of stray dogs.

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