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Cat plays guitar on the street

The sun was shining, and the breeze was warm. A cat was playing guitar on the street corner. The song he played did not have words, but it had a melody that spoke to people's hearts.

One by one they stopped and listened, until there were many people gathered around him. The cat played on, never looking up, and never stopping until his song was done.

It was a beautiful day in the city. The sun shone down on the streets, and people walked by with smiles on their faces.

Suddenly, a cat appeared on the corner of the street. He was holding a guitar and wearing sunglasses.

He started playing music for everyone to hear!

People stopped to listen for awhile, but soon went about their business again.

The cat continued playing his music all day long - even after the sun went down and it began to get cold outside!

Finally, at midnight, he put down his guitar and walked away into the night...

The street was empty, save for a cat playing a guitar. The cat was not playing very well—it was actually making a lot of noise and not much music. But the people who lived in the nearby apartment buildings didn't mind. They liked having the cat around, even if it wasn't always pleasant to listen to.

When they heard the cat play, they would come out on their balconies and watch as the cat performed its strange, unmusical melodies. They would laugh at how bad it sounded, but they also appreciated the fact that this animal was trying to make them happy by entertaining them with its antics. One day, one of the residents decided to take matters into his own hands: he went down onto the street and offered some money to the cat so that he could buy him a guitar lesson—and then showed up on time for it!

The man taught him how to hold his instrument properly and how to strum with proper technique; soon enough, he could play actual songs on it! The people who lived in those apartments were thrilled when they heard about this development—they couldn't wait until next time when they would hear more music coming from below!

The girl had been walking down the street for hours, and she was tired. She had been trying to find a job for weeks, but all of the shops were closed. Finally, she stopped in front of an alleyway and leaned against the wall, waiting for someone to pass by so she could ask them if they knew where she could find work.

Suddenly, she heard music coming from inside the alleyway! It sounded like a guitar being strummed. She peeked around the corner and saw a cat playing guitar on top of a trash can lid.

The girl was so surprised that she jumped back behind the wall and let out a little scream. The cat stopped playing and looked up at her with its big blue eyes—and then it started purring!

"Who are you?" asked the girl when her heart rate slowed down enough that she could speak again.

"I'm Cat," said the cat as it leapt off of its trash can lid throne and walked over toward her feet with a smile on his face. "Can I help you?" he asked with his tail wagging side to side excitedly.

It was a cold winter night. The wind howled and the snow fell like feathers from heaven. The people of the city were all in their houses, warm and safe, but one cat sat outside on his own. He was playing a guitar and singing softly to himself.

The cat's name was Bobby and he had always wanted to be a musician. He didn't care about fame or money; he just wanted to play music for people who were lonely or sad. That night, there was no one around except for another cat named Tommy who was walking home from work late at night. Tommy looked up at the sound of music coming from down the street and smiled when he saw Bobby playing his guitar under a streetlight.

"Hey," Tommy said as he approached Bobby's bench where he sat strumming away on his instrument with his tail sweeping back and forth behind him like a broom. "That's some good music you got there."

Bobby looked up at Tommy with wide eyes that glittered like diamonds in the moonlight. "Thanks," he said shyly as he lowered his head so that it rested on top of his guitar strings which still held their position after being struck by his paw earlier during practice sessions before bedtime earlier this evening before.

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