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Warrior with red horse

The dark warrior had just passed through the gates when he heard a voice.

"You're not supposed to leave."

He turned around, but there was no one there.

He went back to his horse and mounted it. The red stallion started to move forward, but then stopped again, as if it had been stopped by an invisible force. The warrior leaned forward and patted its mane, trying to reassure it.

"I'm not leaving," he said softly. "I just have to do something first."

She was a warrior. She was on her way to battle.

She had a red horse, and she looked great on it.

She had a sword and a bow, and she knew how to use them both.

She rode along the trail, thinking about what she was going to do when she got there.

She thought about the people who would be fighting for her cause, and about how much this meant to them. She thought about how much it meant to her, too. She felt excited and scared at the same time—she was going into battle! But she knew that if they won today, they would win forevermore.

The warrior rode on his red horse across the plains. He was looking for a fight in a world that had been long since at peace.

He had been travelling for days, and had seen no sign of an enemy when suddenly he saw a black speck on the horizon. It was moving quickly towards him, getting bigger by the second. The warrior knew it must be an enemy—but how could they have known where he was?

As the figure grew closer, he realised with horror that it was not human at all: it was a great black wolf! And it was coming straight for him!

The warrior drew his sword and prepared to fight off this fearsome beast. But then something strange happened: as soon as the wolf got close to him, it stopped running and sat down on its haunches. The warrior looked into its eyes and saw that they were kind and intelligent; they seemed almost familiar somehow…

Suddenly, there was a flash of white light from somewhere behind them both—and when it faded away again, there stood a beautiful young woman with long black hair! She smiled at them both for a moment before disappearing again into thin air as mysteriously as she had appeared

The day was dark, and the night was darker. The fog was so thick that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. But this didn't stop the warrior from riding on.

The warrior had a red horse—a horse with a coat the color of the blood of his enemies, who had been slain by the sword he carried and the arrows he shot from his bow. He rode through the forest, over hills, across plains—always on the lookout for evil in these dark lands that were once so fertile with good things.

It was on one such ride that he heard something approaching; something heavy and slow, like an elephant lumbering towards him through the trees. But elephants didn't live here anymore—these lands were now barren and desolate. Something else must be coming towards him then! The warrior drew his sword and prepared for battle as he waited for whatever it would be to emerge from the darkness…

The warrior's horse was red, and she rode it with a confidence that surprised even her. Her sword was dark and gleamed like the moonlight that shone off the water at night. Her armor was made of steel and leather, polished to a shine that could blind an enemy in battle.

Her hair streamed behind her in the wind as she galloped across the plain, feeling like all of this world was hers to conquer. She had never felt so close to being alive before!

She smiled as she thought about how much fun it would be to fight some monsters next time she went out for a ride on her horse. It would be even better if there were other people around; then they could take turns riding and fighting! She wondered if there were any other warriors around here who liked horses…

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