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Green alien in the jar

science fiction
In a galaxy far, far away, a green alien is trapped in a glass jar.

The alien has been in this jar for as long as he can remember—and he's not happy about it.

He wonders how many other aliens like him there are in jars on other planets in the universe. He wonders if any of them have escaped their jars and found freedom. He wonders if anyone knows about him at all.

The alien hates being in a jar, but his owner thinks it's cute to keep him there because he's so small and looks like an adorable little plant. The owner even plants flowers around the jar so no one will notice that there's something living inside of it. But one day, after years of being trapped with nothing to do but watch through the glass at everyone else going about their lives without knowing what's happening behind closed doors, the alien decides he wants out! And when he sees an opportunity…

There once was a green alien who lived in a jar. He was stuck there, and he was lonely.

One day, while looking out of his jar at the world around him, he saw a man walking by with a dog. The dog was barking and running around happily, while the man stood still beside it with his hands in his pockets, looking bored.

The alien thought to himself: "I wish I could be out there with them."

The jar was made of green glass and filled with a thick, brown liquid. Inside floated a small green alien.

The alien was not happy. It had been watching the humans through their windows for years now, but they never noticed that they had an alien living among them. The one time they did notice it, they tried to kill it by putting it in a jar and sticking it on top of their fridge. They didn't realize that this would be the last place an alien would want to live: a hot, dark place with no air circulation and nothing to eat except for the moldy bread crumbs that fell down into the jar when the humans opened their refrigerator door to get more food or drink.

The alien was determined to escape from this horrible prison before it died of starvation or suffocation (or both). It swam around in circles trying to find an opening in its glass prison, but every time it got close enough to touch its freedom, something would happen—either a human would come into the room and start talking about how delicious jellyfish look when cooked over an open flame; or someone else would walk past him on their way out to go shopping or play sports or do whatever humans are supposed to do during their days off work;

“I’m going to be honest,” said the green alien in the jar. “This isn’t my ideal environment. It’s a little stuffy and it smells like old milk. But I guess it’s not so bad if you think about it as a glass half full, so to speak. At least I have food and water! And a comfortable place to sleep—well, as comfortable as this can be with these tiny little air holes that they left me with.

But let me tell you: When they first put me in here, I thought my life was over. They had just taken me out of my home planet and brought me here to Earth—a place where I knew no one and understood nothing of the culture or politics or anything else that made up their society.

I didn’t know why they were doing this to me; all I knew was that they had put me into this jar and closed the lid, trapping me inside with no way out except for those tiny little holes in the top which let fresh air flow in through them like water through a funnel.

At first it was very difficult for me because there was no way for me to communicate with anyone around this new environment

You know that feeling when you're in a relationship and you want to propose? You think about it, but then you're like, "What if she says 'no'?"

Well, imagine if you were an alien and your girlfriend was a jar of pickles.

That's the story of [alien name], who met the love of his life at the local grocery store. He saw her sitting on a shelf that was labeled "Pickles" and immediately fell in love. He didn't even realize she was sentient at first—he just thought she was really pretty! And then one day, he came in to get more pickles and found her crying because some kid had taken her off the shelf and put her back on top of another jar. He felt so bad for her that he reached out with one of his tentacles and wiped the tears from her face (and they were very romantic tears).

So now they're engaged—and they live together in a little apartment near the grocery store where they first met. They eat pickles every night for dinner, which is kind of weird but also kind of romantic if you think about it (like how Romeo loved Juliet). When they go out on dates (which isn't often), they take all their jars with... 

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