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All seeing eye in the post apocalyptic city

post apocalyptic
The city was dead. It was a sterile place, where all the buildings were white, and the streets were empty. There weren't even any cars on the road. It was like a ghost town, except for one thing: there was a big eye in the sky.

The eye looked down on all of us as we walked through the streets. I felt like it could see everything—my thoughts and feelings, my life story, my deepest secrets… everything that made me me. And it knew about them all too well.

The city was in ruins. The sky was gray, and the air was thick with dust. The only thing that moved was a single pair of eyes, hovering high above on a building's roof. They were big and black, and they watched everything.

The people below didn't know it, but the eyes could see everything: what each person was doing, where they were going… even what they were thinking. And if anyone tried to do anything wrong in the city—if they tried to steal from someone else or hurt someone—the eyes would report them to their leaders.

The people didn't know why these eyes were there or who had put them there, but they knew better than to try anything bad while those eyes were watching!

The eye of the city is watching you.

It sees all. It knows all. It has seen your every move, and it knows your every thought. The eye knows that you are planning to escape the city, and it knows that you will fail. But it knew this before you even started planning it—it's just waiting for you to try so that it can see what happens next.

But there are some things even the eye doesn't know. It doesn't know how many people are still trapped in this city with no way out. It doesn't know how many of them have already died trying to escape from its watchful gaze. And it certainly doesn't know how many more will die before someone finally succeeds at getting out of here with their lives intact...

In the year 2087, all that remained of the human race was a single city.

The city was called New York, and it had been built atop the ruins of what had once been Manhattan Island.

The people of New York were a strange breed: they had grown accustomed to surviving on their own, without help from any other humans. They had learned how to scavenge food from abandoned stores and how to scrounge up clothing from abandoned houses. They knew how to build shelters for themselves out of what seemed like nothing at all—recycled scraps of wood or metal that would have otherwise gone to waste. They knew how to find water in places where no one else could think of searching for it.

They were smart because they had been forced into being smart; if they hadn't learned how to adapt quickly and efficiently, they wouldn't be alive today—they'd be dead within the first few years after The Event occurred (as it came to be known).

But there was one thing that was still very difficult for them: getting along with each other.

In particular, getting along with the city's leader—the Big Eye—was exceptionally hard for most people

The eye was watching.

It was always watching, and it had been for as long as anyone could remember.

The eye was in the sky above the city, the only place it could be seen. It was a big eye, an all-seeing eye that could see everything that happened in the entire city. And on this day, it saw something very unusual happen: two people entered the city by climbing over a wall—and they were not allowed to do this!

The guards were called immediately and they began searching for these two interlopers. They found them quickly and brought them before the king with their hands tied behind their backs and their heads bowed low in shame. The king made them kneel before him so he could look at them more closely; his eyes narrowed as he tried to figure out what kind of troublemakers these two people were.

He asked them what they had done wrong; why did they think they should be punished? The man who had climbed over the wall said that he was sorry for breaking into his kingdom without permission, but he explained that he had been starving and needed food badly enough that he would risk death by starvation if he didn't get some soon!

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