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Elephants and trees

wooden art
A long time ago, in a land far away, there was a young elephant named Arthur.
Arthur was very curious and loved to explore. One day, while he was exploring the forest near his home, he came upon a tree with strange markings on it. He stopped to look at the markings more closely. As he looked closer still, he realized that they were actually words! The words said: "You are beautiful."

Arthur was startled by this at first but then realized how kind of the tree was to say that about him! He decided to leave some art for the tree as well. He picked up some leaves from the ground and started painting them with mud from his trunk. Soon there were many leaves covered with mud and all sorts of colors! The tree looked very happy with this new artwork!

Once upon a time, there was a young elephant who loved to paint.

He would spend hours in his tree house, painting trees and elephants, and other things that happened to catch his eye.

One day, he decided to go for a walk through the forest. He wanted to see how the trees he had painted were doing. As he walked along, he saw that some of them were sick or dying from insect infestation. He realized that if he wanted to keep painting trees, he needed to take care of the ones around him first.

So one day, when he was finished with his painting for the day, he went out into the forest and planted seeds for new trees and cleaned up dead branches. He did this every day until one day, when he had planted enough seeds and cleaned up enough branches, there were no more problems with bugs or decay in any of his paintings—and so they could continue growing strong and beautiful!

Once upon a time, there were two elephants.

One was tall and one was short. The tall elephant was very proud of his height and wanted to be the tallest elephant in the world. He didn't want to be seen with the short elephant at all, but they were friends.

One day, they found an artistic tree that wanted them to paint it. They painted it with red and yellow paint, but they couldn't agree on how many colors should be used: The tall elephant wanted two colors, while the short elephant wanted three colors. After arguing for a long time, they decided to compromise: each would paint half of the tree with their own color choices.

When they finished painting, both elephants thought their own portions of the tree looked better than the other half! So each painted over those parts with their own color choices again and again until there was no more paint left in their cans. The tree had become so covered in paint that it began to look like no one had ever painted it in the first place!

In the beginning, there were no elephants or trees.

And then one day, a tree fell in the forest. A little elephant heard the crash and went over to investigate. When he saw it was a tree, he went back home and told his mommy that he had found a tree.

"That's nice," said his mommy, who had been busy cleaning up the elephant house. "But you don't need to pick up all the leaves yourself."

So the little elephant went outside again and started gathering leaves into piles around the house. When his mommy came outside later to check on him, she saw that he had made quite a mess with all those piles of leaves!

"That's okay," she said. "You can put them away tomorrow when we have time."

The next day, when they woke up early in the morning before sunrise, she woke him up too so they could go outside together and pick up all those leaves before anyone else came out of their houses or tents or caves or wherever else elephants live when they're not at home trying to get stuff done before everyone else wakes up too early and starts making noise about going outside just because they think people need some fresh air before breakfast

Once upon a time, there was a painter. He was very good at painting elephants and trees. He had been doing this for many years, and the people in his town had grown accustomed to his work. One day, he decided to change things up and paint something new.

The next day, when he went out to sell his paintings, no one wanted them! They were too different. He tried again the next day with another brand new idea for a painting—but again, no one wanted them. The next day he tried once more with yet another new idea—and still no one wanted them!

So what did he do? He went back to painting elephants and trees—the things that people knew him for and loved dearly! And you know what? People started buying them again!

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