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Tiny Colony Game On Solana Moves To ImmutableX On Ethereum

The ImmutableX layer 2 scaling solution used for NFT projects on Ethereum will start working with the Pixelated ecosystem called Tiny Colony, originally built on the Solana blockchain.
The updated name of the project with additional functionality sounds like "Tinyverse".

Using our powerful ZK folding technology, Tiny Colony will grant players full ownership of their in-game digital assets in the form of fully carbon-neutral NFTs. And all this with the high security of the Ethereum blockchain,” the Tiny Colony team said.

In addition, ImmutableX said that the platform will provide the game with a “gas-free, hassle-free trading experience”, facilitating high-speed transactions of almost 9,000 transactions per second. Other options include improved security, increased accessibility for new web3 players, built-in crypto wallets, etc.

We are thrilled to be partnering with ImmutableX… This partnership benefits from dedicated technical support, product lifecycle advice and long-term guidance provided by the experienced ImmutableX team as we continue to develop Tiny Colony — Arshia Nawabi, award-winning film producer and CEO and co-founder of Tiny Community .

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at ImmutableX, said his team's goal is to create a fun web3 game that offers a variety of entertainment options.

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