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Hooded gothic girl in the pub

A hooded gothic girl was sitting at the bar in a pub. The bartender was busy serving other customers, so he didn't notice her at first.
She sat there for about ten minutes before he noticed her, and then he went over to serve her. He asked her what she wanted to drink, but she just stared at him with cold eyes and said nothing.

The bartender was very confused by this strange behavior from such a beautiful girl, so he asked again what she wanted to drink. Again she just stared at him in silence.

Finally, he took pity on her and said: "Ok, whatever you want."

Then she turned away from him and started drinking beer from a glass that was already full of beer!

It was a cold night, and the pub was bustling.

The place was packed with people trying to get out of the cold and off their feet. The air smelled like sweat, alcohol, and despair. The bartender was hard at work serving drinks to all the patrons who were lined up at his bar.

Suddenly, a hooded figure entered through the door and took a seat at one of the tables in the corner. She didn't order any food or drink; instead she just sat there, staring around the room with her large dark eyes.

After about 10 minutes of this strange behavior, one of the patrons got up from his table and went over to where she was sitting.

"Hello," he said kindly, "I'm sorry if this is too forward but… are you okay?"

She looked up at him with those large dark eyes and smiled slightly before replying, "I'm fine."

The pub was dark and smoky, but I could still see the hooded girl sitting at a table by herself. She looked to be maybe in her early 20s, with dark hair and pale skin. Her eyes were bloodshot and her mouth was contorted into a scowl.

She was wearing a long black cloak that covered her whole body except for her feet, which were clad in black boots. I walked over to the bar and ordered a drink, then turned back to look at her again. She was still sitting there glaring at nothing in particular.

"Do you know what she's drinking?" I asked the bartender.

"Nope," he said as he handed me my drink. "She just showed up here about 10 minutes ago."

I went over to sit down across from her, but before I could say anything she reached into the pocket of her cloak and pulled out what looked like a syringe filled with some kind of clear liquid. She stuck it into one of her veins on her arm, then sat back and waited for something to happen. After about 30 seconds she started breathing heavily and seemed to be having trouble keeping still; she kept shifting around in her seat as if she were trying not

The pub was dimly lit and filled with the low murmur of people talking. The place was always packed, but now it was even more crowded than usual. The only seats available were in the back, where a group of girls sat around a table. They were all wearing black hoodies and sunglasses, even though it was dark in there.

The girl at the head of the table leaned forward on her elbows and looked around before speaking. "So did you guys see that new girl?" she asked in a hushed voice.

"Yeah," one of the other girls said. "She's like… really pretty." She raised her eyebrows suggestively as she spoke.

The first girl sighed and shook her head. "I don't know," she said slowly. "She looks kind of creepy to me."

"What do you mean?" another girl asked curiously from across the table.

"I just don't trust her," replied the first girl with a shrug like it was no big deal or something."Like… why does she always wear those stupid sunglasses?"

The pub was full of people, but she didn't want to be there. She was new to the town and didn't know anyone. She just wanted to be alone.

She wandered through the pub, looking for a seat where she could sit quietly and drink her beer in peace. But everywhere she went there were people sitting around tables talking, laughing and drinking together. She hated being around people like that—it made her feel lonely and like an outsider.

Finally she found a seat at the bar and sat down next to a man who was drinking alone. He looked up at her as she sat down next to him and smiled politely before turning back to his glass of beer. She stared into her own glass for a moment before taking a sip of hers and sighing loudly enough for him to hear over the noise in the pub. The man turned towards her with a quizzical look on his face; he seemed surprised that someone had actually sat down next to him when everyone else was so busy talking with each other instead of paying attention to what was going on around them."What's wrong?" he asked after noticing how unhappy she looked in this place full of strangers who wouldn't even

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