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Grandmother skiing on the hill

grandmother and ski
Grandmother was the only one who knew how to ski. She would go out in the morning, when the sun was still rising and the snow was still fresh, and she would glide down the hill.
She would go up again and again, just for fun.

It was her favorite time of day.

The grandmother was skiing down the hill, her skis carving through the snow. She had been skiing for as long as she could remember, but this time was different—it was winter, and there was snow everywhere!

The wind blew past her ears and into her face, so she pulled her scarf up over her mouth and nose. Her cheeks were chapped from the cold weather, but she didn't mind—she loved skiing in winter!

She felt like an icicle as she glided down the hill, passing other skiers who were also trying their best to stay upright on their skis. The snow crunched beneath her feet as she pushed off with each turn; it was like walking on clouds!

As soon as she reached the bottom of the hill, she went home to make hot cocoa and get warm by the fire with her husband.

It was a cold, sunny day on the hill. Grandma had been skiing for years, but she still didn't feel very confident in her skills. She was determined to conquer her fears and get down the hill at least once this winter—and maybe even twice!

The only problem was that she kept getting stuck at the top of the hill. Every time she tried to go down, she'd end up slipping and sliding right back up again. In fact, Grandma had been stuck there for so long now that she couldn't even remember how long it had been since she last went down.

She sighed as she looked out over the mountainscape before her: far in the distance were some snow-capped peaks; closer by were some small hills with trees on them; and right in front of her was a big mountain that seemed to go on forever until it disappeared into a cloud of white mist. It just looked so… intimidating!

Grandma knew that if she could just get down this one time, though… well then maybe next time would be easier. Maybe then she wouldn't feel quite so afraid anymore! And if not next time… well then maybe one day soon?

It was a cold day in February, but Grandma didn't mind. She had been skiing since she was a little girl, and there was nothing she loved more than spending time outdoors on a sunny winter day.

She had just finished her run down the hill and was sitting at the top of the mountain when she heard someone calling her name. She looked around and saw that it was her daughter-in-law. "Hi!" said Grandma. "What are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd surprise you," said Grandma's daughter-in-law. "I got your text message saying that you wanted to go skiing today, so I decided to take some time off from work and come out here with you."

"That's great!" said Grandma. "Let's go get some hot chocolate while we're waiting for Dad to finish up his run."

"Sounds good," said Grandma's daughter-in-law, patting her belly with a grin.

Grandmother was on her way to the hill when she saw a young skier who was struggling to make it up the slope. She stopped and watched him struggle for a moment, then decided to help him out. She knew that if he could get up the hill, he would be able to ski down it with ease, so she offered him some advice: "If you want to go fast, you have to keep your heels together and lean forward."

The boy nodded, took a deep breath, and tried again. He fell flat on his face before he even got off the ground! Grandmother chuckled at this and said "You'll never win if you don't try."

So the boy tried again—and fell flat on his face AGAIN! This time he was angry and embarrassed; but grandmother just laughed and said "I told you so!" Then she turned around and continued on her way up the hill without another word or glance back at him.

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