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Atomic center built in the USA, where Bitcoins will be mined

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In the US, in the state of Pennsylvania, the construction of the first nuclear data processing center has been completed. It is located near the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant. The Atomic Center will host services that allow you to mine Bitcoins.
Data center maker Cumulus Data, a subsidiary of Talen Energy, has announced that it is the first data center powered by a nuclear power plant with a capacity of 2.5 gigawatts.

Atomic center that allows you to mine Bitcoins

The data center covers an area of 300,000 square feet. Its capacity is 48 megawatts. It will be connected to a nuclear power plant located in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The 1,200-acre campus will house several bitcoin mining and cloud computing services. This is the first nuclear power plant in the United States where it will be possible to mine cryptocurrencies.

It is planned to build several more similar centers. Now they are being developed. Their total capacity will be 475 megawatts. In addition, Cumulus Data has identified dozens more Talen Energy sites with potential for data centers directly connected to the power plant. New centers are going to be put into operation in the next few years.

In the US, interest in green mining is growing

As a reminder, the creation of a zero-carbon Bitcoin mining company called Nautilus Cryptomine on campus was announced in the summer of 2021.

It was then that Talen Energy entered into a joint venture agreement with cryptocurrency mining company TeraWulf. At the moment, a steady trend towards eco-friendly mining of cryptocurrencies is being formed in the United States. Now it is more and more profitable to mine cryptocurrencies on powerful installations.

Even though miners had a bad fiscal year in 2022 and owed over $4 billion to investors, they could turn a profit this year.

As powerful nuclear-powered mining centers appear in the United States, mining cryptocurrencies for companies can become a very profitable activity.

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