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Scary black bull

There was a big and scary black bull. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen. I was scared of him. I ran away from the big and scary black bull as fast as I could but he caught me and ate me up!

It was a dark and stormy night in the old west. The air was thick with mud and dirt, and a cold wind howled through the town square. It was an eerie scene—and it was about to get even more so.

One of the townspeople had heard there were bandits coming through their town that night, so he went out to warn everyone in town. He ran from house to house, yelling at people that they needed to get inside or hide under their beds because bandits were coming!

All of a sudden, there was a loud commotion outside one of the houses—a loud thumping noise that sounded like someone was knocking on the door! But when the man went to open it up, no one was there… just an enormous black bull right outside! He tried to shoo it away, but it just kept coming back over and over again—and each time it knocked harder than before until finally he couldn't take anymore and ran into his house screaming for help!

The next morning at breakfast time when everyone came downstairs they found out what happened: while they were all sleeping peacefully upstairs in their beds last night, someone snuck into their barn and left this huge black bull there as

There was a big, scary black bull in the road. The bull was so big it blocked out the sun, and it was so scary that all the other animals were too scared to move.

Finally, one little mouse decided he wasn't going to let a giant black bull keep him from getting where he needed to go. He knew that if he could just get past that bull, he'd be able to get home before dark. So he started crawling toward the bull, and every time he got close enough to touch its nose, it would snort and stomp its feet until rocks flew everywhere.

The little mouse kept crawling forward until finally—with just one more step—he made it! He made it past the big black bull!

After that day, whenever people saw a really big black bull in their path, they would say: "Watch out for the big black bull! It's gonna try and stomp you flat!"

The black bull was dark and scary, with eyes that burned like fire. The bull snorted, pawing at the ground, and then charged straight at me.

I stood my ground, ready to meet my fate. But as the bull got closer, I realized that he wasn't charging at me - he was charging past me!

I turned around and saw another boy standing in front of a cave with a frightened look on his face. The boy looked like he wanted to run but couldn't move. He looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Help me!" he screamed desperately.

I ran over to the cave and grabbed its entrance with both hands. With all my strength, I pulled it open just enough for the boy to squeeze through. As soon as he did, I slammed it shut again behind him.

A few seconds later, there was an enormous crash as the black bull slammed into our makeshift door with all its might - but it didn't budge! We were safe!

The little girl was sitting in the corner, watching her mother knit. She was bored. She wanted to play outside, but her mom said it wasn't safe—there was a scary black bull out there!

The girl wasn't sure what a black bull was, exactly, but she knew that it was big and scary. Her mother had told her so many times: "Stay inside the house. There's a scary black bull out there!"

So instead of playing outside with her friends, she played inside with her dolls. She held them and made up stories about them being in adventures together. They traveled all over the world and fought dragons and rode on magic carpets!

After a while she got tired of playing with dolls. She wanted to go outside and see if she could find this scary black bull before it found her!

She crept out into the hallway slowly, then ran down the stairs toward the front door as fast as she could run without making any noise at all (so as not to wake up any sleeping dragons). When she got outside into the sunshine she looked around carefully for any signs of danger, but saw nothing except for some flowers growing in a garden near by that were huge! They were taller than trees!

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