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Woman in a coat waiting for a train

female artIn the painting, a woman in a coat is waiting for the train. The coat is red, and it is blowing in the wind.

The train is coming, and it has a big engine that makes lots of smoke come out of its smoke stack.

The woman's hair is blowing in the wind, too. She has long brown hair down to her shoulders. She has a green scarf around her neck, and she is holding onto one end of it with one hand while she waits for the train.

There are some clouds in this painting that look like they might rain soon--they are gray and heavy with water. The grass looks dead because there hasn't been any rain lately!

It was a cold day. The woman in the coat was waiting for the train. She had been waiting for a long time. She had been waiting for so long that she was beginning to wonder if the train would ever come. Maybe it had gotten lost on its way? Maybe it had fallen off the tracks? Maybe it had gone back to its home planet of Tralfamadore?

The woman in the coat was getting anxious. She wanted to get to her destination, and she didn't want to be late! What if they were starting without her? What if they'd already started? What if they'd finished while she was here waiting for this stupid train? She couldn't imagine what would happen if she were late—she'd probably be fired! Or worse: put in jail!

She shivered as she thought about being put in jail. It wasn't even worth thinking about—she didn't want to go there! But wait… maybe that's where they were going with all of these other people who were also waiting here with her on this platform: they were all going off together to face their punishment together!

She tried not

It was a cold day, and the woman in the coat had been waiting for the train for a long time. She was growing increasingly impatient with its tardiness, and she felt like she'd been standing there forever.

She'd gotten used to it though: she'd been walking around the train station for years now. It was her job, after all—she had to find new ways to keep herself entertained while she waited for trains that never came.

When she first started working here, she could barely stand still for five minutes at a time—she was always moving around and playing with things, trying to make sure that no one would notice her doing it. But now she'd become so familiar with this place that she could sit still without thinking about it; now it was just second nature.

She couldn't tell exactly how long ago it had all started—maybe it was two years ago? Or maybe three? Time flies when you're having fun!

She did remember being in college though—that was when everything changed for me: before then, I had never even heard of trains or train stations; after graduation, however

The train station was empty, save for one woman who stood alone at the end of the platform. She was wearing a long coat and had her arms crossed as she waited.

The woman looked up as the train pulled in, but not toward it. Instead, she glanced over her shoulder at the other end of the platform. There stood a man in a suit and tie. He had a briefcase in one hand and an umbrella in the other. As he walked toward her, he raised it to his face and shook it out over his head.

The man stopped beside her and smiled as he opened his umbrella. "Hello," he said softly into her ear.

"Hello," she replied with a smile of her own as she wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned into him for warmth under their shared umbrella.

The train was late, but she didn't care. The woman in the long black coat waited for it with a smile on her face. She loved trains and knew that this one would be worth the wait. She had already passed the time by reading all of the plaques on the walls explaining why there was a statue of a cat on every corner of town, and she was just beginning to get bored when she noticed another passenger waiting by himself.

She didn't know him very well, but they knew each other's names: he was Mr. Smith, and she was Ms. Jones. They had met at a party a few weeks before where they had both been drinking too much wine and talking about their favorite kinds of cheese (he liked Brie; she liked Gouda). He was tall and handsome with dark hair and blue eyes—and he looked like he could use some company right now!

So she walked over to him and smiled when he saw her coming toward him from across the platform; then she asked him what kind of cheese he liked best out of all those listed on the plaque near his feet."

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