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Yellow tower and house

Once upon a time, there was a yellow house. It was a lovely house, with a thatched roof and a white picket fence, but it was also very lonely. So one day, the house decided to build itself a friend.
It looked around for something that would be perfect for this new friend—something tall and yellow and strong. Finally, it found the perfect thing: another house! This second house was just as lonely as the first one had been, so they were both very excited about having each other now.

So they built themselves an even bigger house together, which looked like two houses stacked on top of each other. They painted it bright yellow and put up signs that said "Yellow Tower" or "Yellow House," depending on where you were standing when you looked at it.

They lived happily ever after in their beautiful new home together until one day someone came along and said there was no way that two houses could live together in perfect harmony like that—you needed at least three houses to make everything work out right! So they built themselves another one (and another one after that) until they had seven houses altogether: six tall ones and one small one at

The yellow tower and the yellow house were friends. They lived next door to each other, and they were always together.

The yellow tower was tall and beautiful, with a wide window at the top that looked out over the world. The yellow house was round and squat, with a window at each of its four corners that looked out over the world.

When they grew up, they both decided to go on adventures. The yellow tower wanted to see new places, so it started walking through forests and mountains until it found itself in an unfamiliar place. The yellow house wanted to see new places too—but instead of walking through forests and mountains (because it's not very good at walking), it decided to fly there instead! So it took off into the air as fast as it could go…

And when they returned home from their adventures, they realized how much they missed each other! So now they are together again 🙂

The yellow tower and the yellow house were two friends. They were very happy to live together in the same city. The tower was tall and beautiful, so it could see everything happening in the city. All day long, people came to visit it, and they enjoyed its beauty.

The house was happy with its friend because it had a lot of space for guests, who would come to visit it as well. It loved having visitors because it could show off its rooms and all the things inside them. It also liked that people enjoyed being there!

The tower was happy that the house was nearby because it knew that if anything happened in the city, there would be someone who could help them out—and vice versa!

The yellow tower was built, and it had been built for a long time. The tower was tall and strong, and it had been built to last. It was made of bricks and mortar and wood, but there were no windows, no doors. It was just a tower.

And so the people who lived in the village that surrounded it came up with names for it: they called it the Yellow Tower, or they called it the House of Yellow Bricks, or sometimes they just said "the Yellow Thing." They were not sure what it was meant to be used for—perhaps an observatory? Or a prison? But mostly they called it "the Yellow Thing" because they didn't know what else to call it. And they didn't really care—it wasn't like anyone from out of town would ever come visit their village anyway.

A yellow tower rose in the distance, its top visible from miles away. The tower was made of stone and clay, but it had a soft yellow glow to it, like the sun.

It was built by a man who had lost his wife, and he wanted to climb up into the sky to get her back. He thought if he could build a tower tall enough, she would come down and live with him again.

The man worked day after day on his tower, until one day he collapsed and died. His corpse fell into the dirt below—and then rose up again as a skeleton made of yellow bones!

The skeleton's face still held some semblance of life: it smiled as it walked around its tower. But when it looked up at the sky through its vacant eye sockets, all it saw was more sky—a never-ending circle of blue above him that would never bring his wife down to earth again.

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