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Old scary witch

Scary female
The witch lived in the woods, and she was a very old witch. She always wore a long black dress. She lived in a small cabin on top of a hill near the edge of the forest.

The witch's name was Mrs. Scary, but no one knew her real name because they were all too scared to ask her. She looked like a witch and acted like a witch, so everyone just called her Mrs. Scary.

Every day when the sun went down, Mrs. Scary would come out of her cabin and walk around looking for children to eat with her big sharp teeth. She would set traps for them by putting candy out at night so that when they came to get it in the morning it would be gone—and then she would laugh at them from behind a tree!

The old witch had been watching the small village for a long time, and she knew that this was her chance. The villagers were busy celebrating a festival in honor of the harvest, and she knew that no one would be around to hear the screams.

The old witch headed down to the village. She wore an old black cloak that covered her from head to toe, but she still made sure to stay out of sight as she walked through the streets. She didn't want anyone to see what she was up to!

She had been watching this particular village for months now, looking for just the right moment to strike—and now it was here! The last of their crops had been harvested, and there were plenty of apples left in the orchard. There would be plenty of food for everyone in town—but not enough food for one old witch.

She walked through town until she reached the outskirts where there were rows upon rows of apple trees growing high above her head. She climbed up into one of them and began picking apples off their branches with gusto. She knew that these apples were delicious because they'd been grown locally; they'd never been touched by pesticides or other chemicals before they were picked up by consumers at grocery stores across town

The old witch was walking through the woods at night. She had a basket of cookies she was going to share with her friends, but she couldn't find any of them.

She walked and walked, looking for her friends, but all she saw were scary animals and creepy trees. Suddenly, a huge bear jumped out from behind a tree! The old witch screamed in fear. The bear roared back at her.

The old witch ran as fast as she could away from the bear, but suddenly ran into a tree! She hit her head against its hard bark and fell down on the ground.

She lay there for a while until she heard some footsteps coming towards her. She opened one eye and saw an old man walking towards her. He looked very mean and angry! He had long white hair and wore black clothes with red stripes on them.

"Get up!" he shouted angrily at her when he saw that she was still lying on the ground after all these years."Why are you lying here?" he asked in disgust."You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Once upon a time, there was an old witch. She lived in the woods and would often visit the villages nearby, bringing them food and medicine. But it wasn’t until after she died that the villagers realized what type of creature she was.

The witch had a beautiful garden with many fruits, herbs, and vegetables growing in it. One day a young boy went into the woods to pick some strawberries for his mother. When he reached the garden, he noticed how beautiful it looked and decided to stay for a while longer than necessary. He ate some of the strawberries and then began to walk around looking for more when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around quickly but saw no one there so he continued on his way until he heard them again, this time much closer than before so he hurried back to where he had left his basket of strawberries but found nothing there either so he ran back towards home thinking that maybe someone had stolen them but when he got there they still weren’t there either so instead of going inside right away like usual he decided to go back into

There was once a witch, who lived in the woods with her cat. She was old and mean, and she had a long, crooked nose.

The witch would sit on her porch, knitting all day long, and the cat would sit beside her. The cat didn't like being near the witch because she smelled terrible and she was always yelling at him for things that weren't his fault.

One day, while they were sitting on the porch together, a little boy came walking by. He was all alone in the woods and he looked scared, so he went over to talk to them.

"Hello," said the boy. "Can you tell me where I am?"

"Why yes," said the witch. "You're in my yard!" And then she laughed because she thought it was funny that a child had walked into her yard without knowing where he was going or why he'd come there at all!

The boy didn't know what to say about this—he just stood there looking confused for a moment before asking again: "But where am I?"

"Right here," said the witch again with another laugh - because this time she found it even funnier than before!

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