Asian ticketing agency starts accepting bitcoins through Lightning Network

Future.Travel, a Vietnam-based ticketing agency, has expanded its list of payment options with the second-level Bitcoin protocol Lightning Network. This will reduce the cost of booking hotels and airline tickets, the press release said.

Technical support for the integration of the Lightning Network was provided by the Canadian company Neutronpay. Using its multi-currency platform for merchants, Future.Travel can accept cryptocurrencies, converting it at the time of sale into Vietnamese dongs.

Currently, a one-time payment using the Lightning Network is limited to the equivalent of $ 300.

“The ability to offer customers secure, real-time financial transactions is a major challenge in creating a growing online business that people would trust. The Lightning Network is the next step in reducing costs and time” – said Future.Travel CEO David Watson.

According to him, negotiations on the implementation of the Lightning Network began six months ago, and transactions using this protocol have an advantage over credit cards, since they do not have any additional fees. In addition, the risk of bank fraud and related failures of cardholders from previously conducted transactions is eliminated.


We add that Future.Travel has been accepting bitcoin by now for six years, and recently also added support for LTC, BCH and ETH.

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