Astro Boy anime NFT art sells for $ 490,000

NFT tokens (non-fungible tokens) have been very popular lately. They represent an author’s picture or animation, which is located on the blockchain platform. An NFT object is created in a single copy and cannot be exchanged, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Anime NFT pictures are in great demand in Japan, with even small pieces selling for millions of dollars. For example, a picture based on the Astro Boy storyline was recently sold at auction for 56 million yen ($ 487,528). It depicts the main character of the anime in the form of a black and white mosaic, as well as 840 small color drawings with events from Astro Boy. All this was created by the famous illustrator Osamu Tezuka.

Other NFT records include Jack Dorsey’s first autographed tweet, which was sold for $ 2.9 million, and a Beeple piece by American digital artist Mike Winkelmann, which cost the buyer a whopping $ 69 million. It is also reported that several blockchain companies have reached out to celebrities to create their own NFTs that will bring mutual benefits to both parties.

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