Authorities in Russia are going to keep the register of electronic money buyers

The register of crypto-investors, conceived in Russian Federation, should help fight money laundering. In Russia authorities may create new project: a register of crypto-investors. Such a database can be maintained by the Central Bank or the Ministry of Finance. The register should help to fight with illegal and criminal incomes.

This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia. If a decision is made to create such a register, crypto investors will have to pass certification in order to get the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies.

Such a decision immediately ceases to make the owner of the cryptocurrency anonymous – investors wallet will be tied to the passport data and the federal tax service. Perhaps, according to the publication, the identification of the crypto-investor will also pass through biometric parameters.

key btcThe State Duma’s politicians believes that such measures are necessary in order to fully implement anti-laundering legislation. Source:

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