Basic Considerations When Choosing Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery has always been one of the most popular types of jewellery worn through the ages. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend and buying diamond jewellery for a loved one is seen as a sign of true love and romance. Having said all that there are one or two basic considerations to take into account when selecting a piece of diamond jewellery for your loved one.

The Type of Diamond Jewellery

There are lots of different types of diamond jewellery about and it is pretty important that you choose an appropriate piece of jewellery for the occasion it is meant for. Diamond engagement rings for example are fantastic for engagements but not for anything else. Diamonds are often used in engagement rings, wedding bands and other types of bridal jewellery.

For gifts at other times you should choose something like a bracelet, pendant or earrings. When selecting your diamond jewellery think about when and how often it will be worn – some pieces are intended for daily use and some are more appropriate for special occasion wear.

Diamond Jewellery and the Budget

Unfortunately the budget does play quite an important part when selecting diamond jewellery for the majority of people. If budget were no object we would all probably purchase more expensive gifts for our loved ones but we do live in the real world and the budget is a very important consideration when buying jewellery.

The problems usually occur when you start looking at a selection of diamond jewellery pieces before establishing a budget. This can be heartbreaking. You are bound to fall in love with a piece which is way beyond your means. The best, pain free and enjoyable method of choosing any type of jewellery is to establish your budget before you look at any pieces and to steer away from more expensive items.

The Quality of Diamond Jewellery

The value and quality of each diamond is assessed using four different criteria. These are commonly called the “Four C’s” and relate to;

“Colour – although the very best diamonds are completely colourless the majority of diamonds do have some slight form of colour”. Basically the more colourless the diamond is the more valuable it will be.

“Carat – basically translates to the size of the diamond. In general terms the larger the diamond the more valuable it will be”. Choosing diamond jewellery with large diamonds will be therefore significantly more expensive than choosing a piece of diamond jewellery which has smaller stones.

“Clarity – although most diamonds will look perfectly clear to the naked eye many of them do have imperfections which help to assess the value of each stone”. Diamond buyers are experts at spotting imperfections like black carbon flecks or small cracks within the stone. The more perfect the stone the more valuable it will be.

diamonds“Cut – this is the way in which the “rough diamond” is cut and presented within the piece of jewellery”. The better the cut the more luminous the diamond will be.

Nothing says “I love you” better than a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery but it really does pay to understand a little about what you’re buying and what it will be used for before you start.

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