Binance Added 3 Fiat Pairs with DOGE

Over the past few days, we could see how the organized groups have moved the established stock market. This orchestrated movement also slammed the Dogecoin (DOGE) market, as a result of which the price of digital assets has taken off before it.

At the time of the massive purchase of Dogecoin, the well-known Binance cryptocurrency exchange added a larger number of trading pairs with digital assets. According to the platform’s declaration, from February 2, Binance will add three fiat pairs for trading with DOGE.

The pump that came out last Friday was hosted by a group of Telegram users. Its members raised the price of DOGE by 1ЗЗ5% in just two days, as a result of which the cost of the coin increased from $ 0.0069 to $ 0.1004.

There are rumors that the price of DOGE will survive another takeoff

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