Binance Exchange Added Tezos XTZ Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the listing of Tezos (XTZ), presenting three pairs with BTC Bitcoin, Tether USDT and BNB. Users can already make deposits, and start of the trading is scheduled for today, September 24.

The XTZ listing news had a positive effect on the price of the crypto coin, which at some point rose to $ 1.14, after which it was adjusted to the $ 1.10. Nevertheless, at the time of publication, XTZ per day added more than 4% in price.

In addition, Binance has announced its readiness to support the EOS hard fork. The sixth round of the Binance Lending program was also launched – BTC, ETH, BNB, ETC, LINK, EOS, XRP and USDT were offered for deposits.


Recall last week, Binance added support for the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Beam.

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