Binance launched P2P trading service

The service will support Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH and USDT in pairs with the RMB. At this stage, only Chinese citizens have access to this options.

On October 9, Binance announced the launch of a P2P trading service for users of an Android application registered on the exchange for more than 30 days. The technology assumes that transactions between users will occur without the participation of the exchange. The trading service is available with Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT, those crypto assets are traded with the RMB.

Access is open only to citizens of China at the moment. The head of Binance promised that soon the service will be available for other regions.

“Most customers, probably can not use it, but 1,4 billion can already. Soon we will expand our service to other regions” – said Changpeng Zhao, head of Binance.


After the announcement of new service launch, the Binance Crypto Coin price went up by 9%. At the moment, its rate is $ 17.37 An update for the iOS application and a version for the browser that provide access to the P2P trading service are under development.

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