Binance plans to integrate Ripple’s xRapid technology

Changpeng Zhao CEO of the world’s largest crypto-exchange Binance, said that the company is considering a partnership with Ripple, in particular, the use of xRapid as an effective tool for making cross-border payments.

Binance Crypto Exchange intends to use xRapid – Changpeng Zhao conducted his first live broadcast in the Periscope application, the head of Binance made it clear that the company is necessarily considering the possibility of partnership with the Ripple blockchain project, whose native XRP cryptocurrency is the largest in terms of market capitalization.

In the future, Ripple is bound to partner with Binance. However, Zhao draws attention to the fact that integration with the xRapid platform is not currently a priority task, at the moment there is no talk about supporting the tool from Ripple. Head Binance explained:

“Now we are focused on launching new functions, so we work with some other partners. We are not cooperating with xRapid yet, but in the future we will definitely begin to establish contact. ”

The launch of xRapid for commercial use took place in October last year, trading platforms such as Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitso, already cooperate with Ripple. xRapid provides international companies with the ability to make transfers without having to open accounts all over the world.

Binance Head about Bitcoin-ETF – During the same broadcast, Changpeng Zhao noted that the growth of the crypto industry does not necessarily require the emergence of Bitcoin-ETF, which some investors are so much waiting for. He believes that the industry will begin to develop when entrepreneurs begin to more actively switch to the use of blockchain and crypto applications.


Recall that on January 31, Binance announced the possibility of using credit cards when purchasing cryptocurrencies. Support for the new feature has been implemented through a partnership with the payment operator Simplex.

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