Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be legalized in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government, which in the past did not show much sympathy for cryptocurrencies, looked at them from a different angle and realized that good taxes can come from this industry, but crypto needs to be legalized for this.

Legalization of cryptocurrencies for taxes – Member of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Alexander Bornyakov, spoke about the state’s plans. In his statement, he directly pointed out that citizens working with cryptocurrency should pay taxes, but so far this has not happened.

The problem is that from the point of view of the law, the situation in Ukraine and in Russia is very similar. Cryptocurrencies are not prohibited, they simply are not in the legal field. Accordingly, it is impossible to claim a tax from the “emptiness”, so you need to legalize Bitcoin and other digital assets.


After legalization, the state hopes to attract additional revenue to the budget not only from cryptocurrencies traders, but also from miners and business. So far, all this is only at the stage of theory, so there are no details of future taxation.

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