Bitcoin Appears in 20,000 US Outlets

Bitcoin is now accepted in 20 thousand outlets in the USA. Cryptocurrency can be used in LibertyX ATMs and terminals from the company when paying for goods. Until July 31 of the current year, the organization will not charge a commission for transactions. Later, the commission will be approximately $ 4.95 for each coin.

Payment using bitcoins in the USA – According to LibertyX, people can buy cryptocurrency worth up to $ 500 at ATMs from the company. Operations will be performed only with internal network commissions, the size of which depends on the network load and the amount of transactions. The program for introducing digital assets into ATMs was called “Bitcoin for every quarter.”

In 7-Eleven, Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy and many other chain stores, payment can now be made directly from the cryptocurrency wallet. The head of LibertyX, Chris Im, said that this initiative will be developed in the future, as the ability to carry out operations with digital assets will also appear in smaller retail outlets.

LibertyX is considered one of the main Bitcoin ATM operators in the United States. It was launched in 2014 with just five devices. Now their number exceeds 5 thousand. Also, LibertyX recently received a license from a regulator in New York, which is why it works in the legal field.

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Earlier it was reported that analysts predict the strengthening of the air due to the expansion of the DeFi market.

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