Bitcoin breaks the $ 10,000 market price

On the Tuesday, June 2nd, Bitcoin accelerated and broke the psychological mark of $ 10,000. At the time of publication of this review, the largest digital currency was trading at $ 10,116. This is the highest mark since mid-February 2020. Today, Bitcoin’s capitalization has exceeded $ 185.72 billion.

The rise of the crypto coin was already commented on Twitter by billionaire Mike Novogratz. He posted a note in which he emphasized that BTC is always accelerating, breaking above $ 10,000. The businessman urged investors to “board the train.”

Many observers note that Bitcoin is strengthening against the backdrop of riots in the United States. Among investors, concerns about the future prospects of the country’s stock market are growing. That is why part of the capital quickly moved into the cryptosphere, supporting BTC and other altcoins.

One of the traders presented a chart in which he drew attention to the similarity of today’s dynamics of cryptocurrency movement with the situation in 2015.


According to his forecast, now we are on the eve of a new breakthrough. Bitcoin will follow approximately the same path as five years ago.

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