Bitcoin entered the list of thirty largest currencies in the world

Bitcoin has become part of human history and a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. In 2017, cryptocurrency reached its historical maximum value at around $ 20 thousand, but until today it has almost fallen in price. But even this fact did not prevent the Satoshi Nakamoto project from entering the list of top 30 largest currencies in the world.

This morning, Bitcoin is trading at $ 9,786. Over the past day, the value of cryptocurrency decreased by 1.69 percent, while at the same time on a weekly basis, the crypto coin has already fallen in price by 3.5 percent. Unfortunately, the launch of the Bakkt platform for trading Bitcoin-futures has not had a significant impact on the BTC price.

Almost like a dollar, but better – The chart below shows the amount of cash, checks and time deposits for each major national currency. Statistics provided by analysts at Blocktown Capital. According to it, the Chinese Yuan turned out to be the largest national currency: the sum of all of the above for it exceeds $ 28.011 trillion. The second place is taken by a large margin the US dollar – it has 14.521 trillion dollars.

In this rating, Bitcoin takes 29th place. Recall that cryptocurrency is only ten years old, but it is already ahead of the national currencies of many countries by several indicators at once.

With this in mind, experts predict cryptocurrency for at least ten more years of life. This feature is called the Lindy effect.

Bitcoin’s capitalization reached $ 183 billion (today it is already 175 billion). A big figure, but it is also far from the peak that the coin managed to achieve in 2017. Recall, in that period BTC went up to 20 thousand dollars, and its capitalization increased to 320 billion. At the same time, some experts predict that in the coming years this value may well increase to several trillion dollars.

The smallest indivisible part of the main cryptocurrency is 1 satoshi. This is something like a penny in the case of the British Pound, but only less. Satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC. To date, it is valued more than the following currencies:

1 Iranian real,
1 Sierra Leonean Leone,
1 Vietnamese Dong,
1 Guinean franc,
1 Indonesian rupee,
1 Uzbek som,
1 Lao bale,

In dollar terms, the smallest indivisible part of Bitcoin is $ 0.0001. Three years ago, this figure was almost twenty times less, because then cryptocurrency was trading at $ 500.

It is important to remember that all this Bitcoin achieved in just ten years of its existence. That is, a little over ten years ago, he was not even there, and today he is already in the same ranking with the world giants. At this pace, cryptocurrency will be able to get to the top of the list or at least compete with gold. By the way, in the last perspective, many experts openly doubt.


Bitcoin’s purchasing power has grown millions of times over its entire existence. This is also one of the reasons to buy a coin right now – who knows how much more profit it can bring to you in the future.

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