Bitcoin hashrate started 2020 with a record

The bitcoin network hash on the first day of 2020 reached 119 Exahashes per second (EH/s), exceeding all previous indicators. This is evidenced provided by the data of the analytical service

Bitcoin network hashrate According to Bitinfocharts: the hashrate of the first cryptocurrency reached 110 EH / s.

Such a big difference is due to the fact that these numbers are estimates, and the exact hashrate is almost impossible to determine. Analytical services can only analyze recent network activity and based on it, create an estimate of the estimated hash rate.

A higher hash rate means more competition among miners, and also increases the amount of resources needed to complete the attack by 51%, which makes the network more secure.

It is worth noting that the last network log was recorded in December. At the same time, Chinese miners control 66% of the bitcoin hash.


It is worth to also mention that the expected double reduction in bitcoin mining rewards is unlikely to affect network performance and cryptocurrency value.

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