Bitcoin may overtake US economy in terms of capitalization

The growth of Bitcoin cryptocurrency over time may exceed the GDP indicators of several countries. Western experts admit that the BTC capitalization is quite capable to overtake the total volume of the US economy.

Rumors of a sharp increase in the rate of bitcoin have been circulating in the information space over the past few years. Blockstream CEO Adam Back in early June announced his own forecast – in his opinion, the value of cryptocurrency over the next five years could reach 300 thousand dollars. It is possible that in this scenario, Bitcoin will continue to grow, gaining more and more capitalization.

The current Bitcoin exchange rate is set at a position of 9.4 thousand dollars. This means that the volume of funds circulating in the cryptocurrency has already exceeded the GDP of Hungary, RBC reports.


“Real Vision” CEO Raul Pal believes that the rate could rise to $ 1 million, then capitalization will be commensurate with the US economy. Given the country’s falling GDP and internal destabilization, at some point, Bitcoin assets can overtake Washington in the financial field.

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