Bitcoin Stock Exchange Answers

Out of the economic term oil of 2008 came a fear of banking institutions, this fear was the impetus for the bitcoin stock exchange. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency exchange. It isn’t related to any centralized bank or currency so users of bitcoins do not have to deal with currency exchanges fees.

Bitcoins can be exchanged or bought directly from a few companies. There are even physical bit coins that can be purchased. There are a lot of safe guards that keep this exchange safe and free from fraudulent activities that face the typical ewallet online.

Bitcoin is safer than ewallets because all exchanges of bitcoins occur over a peer 2 peer network, this means that individuals are exchanging currency directly with each other and are not using middle men for these transfers. It is important to remember that bitcoin is a digital currency and not simply an e-wallet.

Being it’s own currency, bitcoin has its own distinct value that isn’t related to any other standard currency. For example, one bitcoin does not directly equate to a US Dollar amount of any other currency demarcation. The bitcoin stock exchange insures that bitcoins keep their value rating.

Unlike centralized currencies who’s values can be volatile, bitcoin has a bitcoin stock exchange, which insures that the value of bitcoins stay constant. It is a healthy and ethical form of price fixing that benefits all bitcoin users equally. Unlike the price fixing that occurs in the global currency market, bitcoin’s price fixing doesn’t help one party over the other.

These are the type of safe guards which makes bitcoin safer to use than standard currency, which is often and easily manipulated. Global currencies that were once strong are now week today, bitcoin has set up a system to maintain the value of its currency.

Bitcoin is advertised as being safer and better than cash. What they mean by this as that bitcoin transfer happen from person to person. Although, this happens electronically, it isn’t controlled by banks. The exchange of funds are also anonymous . Bitcoin also uses advanced cryptology methods to make this crypto-currency secure and private.

No one can decipher the code and figure out who is sending bitcoins to another party. Bitcoin is being called the only true libertarian and democratic currency on earth. I tend to agree with this and I hope that more businesses will also start using bitcoins.

As you can see, we are living in a new age, where digital currency is providing a safer and freer way to exchange funds. Bitcoin could one day replace how people do business online and in person. There are even brick and mortar type stores that are beginning to accept bitcoins instead of cash.

This is a way to put the power back into the hands of the every day citizen and give him or her more power to do business as they wish. Bitcoin is easy to use and you can start using it today.

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