Bitcoin Trading In Latin America Soars To New High

Interest in the largest digital currency bitcoin in South America continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to the LocalBitcoins platform, the most active are the citizens of Argentina and Venezuela, whose national currencies are depreciating more and more every day.

For example, in Argentina alone, people invested 19.4 million pesos in the cryptocurrencies last week. In Venezuela, citizens have invested in BTC about 141.9 billion bolivars.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 8,800. At the same time, in South America, the BTC rate periodically exceeds not only the $ 10,000 mark, but sometimes jumps to $ 12,000. For example, such a breakthrough was recorded also in late October.

In addition to bitcoin, demand for digital currencies such as Ethereum and Dash is growing in Argentina, Venezuela and other countries in the region (Chile, Bolivia and Colombia).


According to experts, as the economic situation in these countries worsens, the demand for alternative financial assets will only strengthen. Moreover, some countries in Latin America will be forced to legalize bitcoin due to the inability to resist it – such an option is not excluded.

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