Bitfinex restarts its platform for IEO

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange decided to reload its platform for conducting IEO, changing its name from Tokinex to Bitfinex Token Sales. This was announced by technical director of Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino. As it became known, Bitfinex Token Sales will be engaged in the primary issue, development and launch of digital assets.

It is noted that the company studied the work of other IEO platforms and decided to completely remake their own.

The first Bitfinex Token Sales campaign will be, a platform for selling digital content from Kim Dotcom, the founder of the largest Megaupload file hosting company in the past.

IEO starts on October 22 with the maximum goal of raising funds of $ 8 million. It is expected that the launch of the platform will take place in the third quarter of 2020. Then the KIM token will be listed on the exchange. According to Bitfinex, KIM is not a security and will be sold exclusively for cryptocurrency, which will allow to comply with the necessary legal standards.

The restart of the site is taking place against the backdrop of the ongoing litigation of the authorities with Bitfinex in the United States. The company is accused of taking advantage of Tether reserves to conceal a $ 850 million loss.


As for Kim Dotcom, he positions himself as an ardent fan of cryptocurrencies and an adversary of the traditional financial system. It’s true that he will manage to make money on IEO – it’s not known, since not the developers receive the lion’s share of the profit.

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