Bitfury published mining equipment prices

For the first time, the Bitfury Group published prices for mining equipment and optimized purchase methods, focusing on the small and medium business sector using turnkey solutions.

Earlier, Bitfury’s focus was on large corporate sales, and the company’s products were not available to small and medium-sized businesses. To expand the global customer base and simplify the purchase process, Bitfury Group first opened online sales of hardware on the company’s website.

On the new Bitfury sales page, small and medium-sized businesses can check out prices for Bitfury Tardis, the company’s latest mining server based on Bitfury Clarke ASIC. Clarke chips have already established themselves as unparalleled in productivity and efficiency in the bitcoins mining process. On the company’s website, 6HB and 8HB configurations are available at a cost of $ 3,021.

Equipment buyers can receive professional support in the design and manufacture of their own miners based on ASIC Bitfury Clarke.

Investors have access to turnkey mining solutions and many options for profit using crypto mining in partnership with Bitfury.


Bitfury Group is the world’s largest company providing a full range of services in the field of blockchain technologies. Bitfury is a leading provider of security and infrastructure for the Bitcoin blockchain. The company also develops and manufactures innovative equipment that protects cryptocurrencies and various blockchains, including custom semiconductor chips and mobile data centers.

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