BitGo plans to create its own cryptocurrencies store

Californian start-up BitGo announced the creation of its own storage for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company intends to obtain permission to create BitGo Trust – “a new regulated and qualified depositary organization” that will specialize in digital assets.

According to ForkLog, creation of the cryptocurrencies store has a great importance, and the desire to create cryptocurrencies store was prompted not even by regulatory uncertainty, but by studying the needs of customers – said the company’s vice-president of marketing Clarissa Horowitz.

“We spent a lot of time working with clients and we realized that it is best to do this with the help of a depository organization, which will be entirely focused on customers assets. For this reason, we concentrated our attention on creating a qualified and fully independent organization” – she said.

safeBitGo already offers its customers two new options for asset management. The first one is related to the crypto-safe storage service, which was announced earlier this month, the latter offers an alternative way of asset management, in which this task is taken on by the customers themselves. Source:

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