BitPay company will soon support Ethereum

BitPay has announced that in the near future it will add to its payment system the ability to use Ethereum ETH.

BitPay allows customers to make payments using fiat and cryptocurrencies in more than 200 countries. Since 2011, the service processed $ 2.8 billion in cryptocurrencies.

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair stated that the company regularly evaluates potential digital coins to be added to the list of supported assets, and now, in addition to bitcoin, bitcoin cash and several stablecoins, clients will be able to work with Ethereum.

According to him, the choice is due to the popularity of the ETH, which is used by thousands of companies in many real applications and has fairly good support.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder and creator of Ethereum, said that this decision will open up a lot of opportunities for expanding the ecosystem of the platform.


While the Ethereum team is working to improve the platform, representatives of the Bitcoin cash are actively engaged in the promotion of coins. Last week, the head of the exchange division of said that he was negotiating with the regulated exchange on the launch of futures contracts on the BCH in the near future, and plans to discuss this issue with the CME Group.

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