Blockchain and AI revolutionize military technology

Indian Defense Minister Rajnat Singh said that artificial intelligence and blockchain made a real revolution in the arms industry. According to him, now no modern army can become competitive without the use of a distributed registry and neural networks.

Despite the possibility of banning cryptocurrency in India in the near future, its officials continue to actively promote the blockchain. The distributed registry is used not only in document circulation, but also in the defense industry. This is especially true for the production of weapons and its supplies.

“Modern companies have to work with large amounts of data. Because of this, the use of blockchain is more a necessity than just a wish. Security is critical to the infrastructure of the defense industry, which is why we are initiating the integration of a distributed registry into all our systems” – said Rajnat Singh.


Last week, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, work began on the creation of unified regulatory acts using blockchain and artificial intelligence. Officials also supported the development of an ecosystem for a distributed registry and began negotiations with a number of startups in the industry.

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