Blockchain Leverages Gaming Industry to Whole New Level

Looking at the way the gaming industry is developing during the last 10 years, it shows a stable interest for all modern technologies and remains the pioneering sphere to adopt everything new and promising. The Blockchain technology is not an exception and it’s exactly what the gaming segment needs right now.

As the gaming world keeps showing the appeal to the digitally recreated real world with all its details and consistent patterns with paranoid accuracy, it needs mechanisms to regulate the in-game economies infused by game development companies. The decentralized nature of Blockchain and the ability to record each transaction or action eliminates any kind of fraud that could take place in the gaming environment.

Let’s have a look at three most prominent crypto projects, well-known in the gaming world developed on Blockchain.

Gaming Startups Based on Blockchain

  1. VR3000 Games

VR3000 is a crypto project combining gaming and digital, spendable tokens with the custom debit card provided by the startup. The platform provides all the conveniences of using VR and AR technologies while playing games. The platform allows users play online battle games and get paid for that. The custom V3 debit card will be used at any Visa-enabled ATM. It’s a UK-based startup that launched its own cryptocurrency (VRBTC) and ran the ICO. During the ICO, the price for 1 VRBTC was $0.03 and it lasted from 14 to 17 November 2017.

  1. IQeon

IQeon is an Estonian crypto project to host games, apps, and services in one place. It’s the revolutionary decentralized PvP platform allowing intellectual and gaming competitions between players. IQeon is a working product based on Blockchain. One of the first games to be hosted on the platform is IQClash, it could be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. The cryptocurrency of the platform is IQN and it’s available for purchase during the ICO which ends on March 13, 2018. IQeon hopes to create the unique financial ecosystem where players and game developers are exposed to better monetization of their in-game achievements and projects.

  1. SKARA

SKARA is a UK-based crypto startup developed as a global platform hosting multiplayer eSports competitions, RPG games, and mobile apps. All the games could be combined creating a rich fantasy world based on a series of novels. To decentralize the benefits of participating in the games placed on the platform, the team introduced the Blockchain technology. SKARA development team managed to connect the rewards received by individual players to the larger community, bringing benefit to everyone. It means that SKARA in-game economy is absolutely safe, transparent and the assets received in one game could be easily sold and bought to be used in other games. The platform has its own cryptocurrency, SKR and has already run the ICO, which ended on February 23, 2018.

.The aforementioned examples of successful projects throw no doubt that the Blockchain technology is the future of the gaming sphere. It solves various issues existing in modern games. Firstly, it facilitates the ways to monetize in-game achievements for players and help game developers get rewards for their products. Secondly, the Blockchain technology gives an opportunity to create a universal platform to exchange the assets received in one game into the assets of another game. Thirdly, the crypto nature of the game bonuses, rewards, coins, etc. helps players trade it for any other cryptocurrency and fiat money. And, finally, it makes any transactions transparent, easy to track and prove the ownership of anything bought or sold on Blockchain. It means that the era of fraud and scam in the gaming industry has come to an end!

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