Blockchain platform Cardano will solve the agricultural problems in Africa and Asia

The introduction of blockchain allows solving the problems typical for many branches of the economy: the technology has already been adopted by large corporations with a worldwide reputation. The benefits for using blockchain are also being studied by the state authorities, hoping that it will be able to serve the good of the country’s governance system.

It will also be useful for the agricultural sector. As it became known, the creators of the Cardano platform intend to offer its advantages to customers from Asia and Africa. For example, in Ethiopia, technology is useful for organizing the supply chain of coffee. Startup Input Output HK plans to assist the authorities of this state in training young developers. It is assumed that these specialists will then be able to independently produce blockchain solutions based on Cardano.

africaIn addition, the platform can help residents of Rwanda with land registration. There are applications from representatives of South Africa and Kenya, who also would like to use Cardano in the field of agriculture. Among other things, the blockchain platform is also interested in countries that are active in preserving the diversity of wildlife. Source:

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