Blockchain technology – a weapon against corruption and abuse

Blockchain technology can be a weapon against corruption and abuse. This was announced today by the co-founder of the Aurora Forum Nubar Afeyan, talking with reporters before the opening of the International Blockchain Conference, which is being held as part of the forum.

According to him, blockchain technologies can be used in a variety of fields – from agriculture to combating financial abuse. The development of blockchain technology in the context of cryptocurrencies use last. Admitting that he is not a specialist in the field of cryptocurrencies, he added that, taking into account the negative experience in some countries, he is cautious about this financial instrument. Afeyan himself is a supporter of the development and promotion of blockchain technologies in such areas as pharmaceuticals and agriculture. He is confident that blockchain can significantly increase the effectiveness of these areas. “There are many areas that can be reformed and can achieve rapid development through the use of blockchain” – he said. Technologies can be used in the sphere of social influence, Afeyan is sure.


“How to achieve that the most needy segments of the population receive financial assistance, but at the same time the process is as transparent as possible? How to reduce corruption risks? Blockchain can play an important role in this matter, as it is an interesting technology that can increase transparency” – he said. Blockchain can also be used by governments to reduce financial abuse. “This is an excellent technology for use by governments, it ensures the reliability of information and transactions” – concluded Afeyan.

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