Brave BAT Token Presented on Binance Smart Chain

According to a post on the Brave blog, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) has now become part of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem.

The BAT token is presented to the BSC as a wrapped token. Initially, BAT was based on the Ethereum blockchain and circulated on this network.

An advance solution will allow BAT holders to use a token with various BSC-based DeFi applications, such as Pancake Swap and Beefu Finance. Binance Smart Chain Eco-System Coordinator Xiaoguang Zhang added that this feature will “introduce a free UX for users to access credit to DeFi and dApps in the BSC bloc.”

In part, this step is motivated by the need to avoid high commissions for Ethereum transactions. Brave’s general director Brendan Eich noted that the company will be more interested in the “low commissions for transferring and adjusting” Binance Chain. It is also assumed that Brave will learn BSC as a team management tool.

It is not clear yet, when this function will be launched, although the built-in wallet of the Brave browser already supports both Ethereum and BSC.

With market capitalization of $ 1.7 billion BAT takes 57th place, which makes it one of the most significant projects that Binance Smart Chain benefits from.

Brave already collaborated with Binance to provide a widget for home trading in March 2020. This news led to the idea of ​​”long-term partnership”, which should be mutually beneficial.

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